As we look at our current world, we can’t help but notice the rapidly growing cesspool of iniquity that threatens to engulf American culture. What is significant is that people are glorying in things that should properly bring them shame. Sexual immorality, sexual perversion, abortion, and the flippant disregard of the permanence of marriage, all spell a culture growing ripe for the sickle of judgment. Genetic attempts to clone human beings is also a sign of degenerate thinking, which degrades the sacredness of God’s handiwork in the creation of human beings. In Psa 139:14, we read that we should praise God that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Note the making of human beings is God’s prerogative. God makes people according to His plan and deserves the high praises of those whom He has made. We are to kneel before our Maker (Psa 95:6). Cloning make man the maker of human beings rather than God, the Creator. Someone’s clone must praise man for the way he is. Such things should never be.

How long will God tolerate such rebellion? According to His pattern in the past, it is only a matter of time before judgment falls. Perhaps it already has, because for a decade we have faced one calamity after another. People challenge those who entertain the idea that as a country we are perhaps under the judgment of God. They say, “How can you say with certainty that we are experiencing the judgment of God?” We can’t, but can they say with certainty that we aren’t under divine judgment?

One thing is certain, God hasn’t delivered the knock out blow yet. He appears to be patiently waiting. Why? He is giving people the opportunity to repent (2 Pet 3:9). Now is the day of salvation!

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