2018-4-15   Reviewing the Instructions – Acts 1:8   Pastor Bruce Chulka

2018-4-8   He Expounded to Them All the Scriptures  Pastor Bruce Chulka

2018-4-1   I Know That My Redeemer Liveth   Pastor Bruce Chulka

2018-3-25   Worship Worthy of A King     Pastor Bruce Chulka

2018-3-18  Kingdom Opposition Furthers Kingdom Growth – Rev. Fred Hampton

2018-3-11   Rev. Fred Hampton – Acts 6:1-7

2018-3-4   This Do In Remembrance of Me – Pastor Bruce Chulka

2018-2-25 That You May Know – Eph 1:15-23 Pastor Bruce Chulka

2018-2-18 And When They Pray – Part 2-Pastor Bruce Chulka

2018-2-11 – No Service – See 2-18

2018-2-4   And When They Pray – Pastor Bruce Chulka

2018-1-28   Setting the Course for A New Year – Psalm 1

2018-1-21   Starting A New Year/Sanctity of Life Sunday

2018-1-14   Read The Book   Rev. Bruce Chulka






































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