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Do you have a question about the Bible or theology?  Pastor Karl has a Master of Divinity Degree from Grace Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.  Pastor Karl would love to provide an answer for you.

21 Responses to Ask the Pastor

  1. Lal Fak Mawia says:

    Dear Pastor Karl, I am Mawia coming from Myanmar and now studying at Eden Seminary, St.Louis. I came across that your church offers Child Evangelism. I am very interested in Child Evangelism program. I also organized Child Evangelism ministry which is very effective in Myanmar. But I don’t have any skill or education in this concern because I have not yet undergone this kind of training. May I ask your help to allow me experience through your ministries in your church while I am straying at St. Louis, so that I may learn some thing from your church and be able to upgrade the Child Evangelism ministry in Myanmar. I am doing a ministry in rural area of Myanmar where there is no electricity yet, people are economically poor, and politically oppressed. The only problem to come to your church is transportation. if you could provide me a transportation, I want to be one of your church regular attendees. Through your help, the population of hell in Myanmar will be reduced soon. Looking forward to hearing from you. Please reply me through my email given below.

    • kpkloppmann says:

      I am sorry to reply so late, but I was in an auto accident and out of commission for three months. Please contact Jill Bachman or Becky George who are members of the church and serve on the Board of Child Evangelism in St. Louis. Contact them by contacting Child Evangelism Fellowship of St. Louis, MO. How exciting that you are from Myanmar!

  2. K says:

    Hello, my question isn’t about doubting God or anything like that. I grew up in an independent fundamental Baptist home all my life, I went to the church school, went to youth group activities. When my parents got divorced, I slipped away and got off track. I am 18 now, in college soon, about to move to Arizona. I don’t expect you to know anything about this, I was just too ashamed to ask my own pastor. I did sin with my boyfriend and we participated in unprotected fornication. I have taken the plan b pill before, and I didn’t feel so bad about it. But this time I feel very convicted not to take the pill. My boyfriend understands why I don’t want to take it, and supports that, he just prefers if I do take it. I’ve been looking it up, and I don’t know what the Bible says about plan b, I know abortion is wrong, and this time I feel like plan b is the same thing.

    • kpkloppmann says:

      Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear about your parent’s divorce and how that it negatively impacted you. Pre-marital sex is definitely a sin. It is referred to as “fornication,” distinct from “adultery,” which is only committed by a married person. God has promised that He will judge adulterers and fornicators (Heb 13:4). So you and your boyfriend need to cease from having sex or get married. As far as taking plan b, if it prevents a woman from getting pregnant, it is a valid form of birth control, but if it destroys a fertilized egg, then it is a form of abortion and kills a human being in his or her beginning stage of development. I am not an expert in the drug you referenced, but it sounds like an abortion pill. “K” I urge you to turn from your sin and seek forgiveness from the Lord. Read Prov 28:13. If you continue down the path of immorality and abortion, you will reap nothing but pain and suffering. Please consider your ways and consider rededicating your life to Jesus Christ. He is a wonderful Lord and Savior.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have a very troubling question. One of the young adults in our church has left and is attending another church. This person was close to the current pastor and his family, but suffered a great deal as a result of struggles they have and being taken advantage of by some church members. The pastor sent them an email stating that since this person has chosen to leave, then the pastor was going to take them off of his personal prayer list and stop praying for them. Now there is alot to this story, but i just wanted to know if this is an ok attitude for a pastor to have simply because someone chose to attend another church?

    • kpkloppmann says:

      As you said, there is a lot to this story that I am not aware of. So it would be wise for me
      not to comment in a specific, personal way. Generally speaking, I would say that there is no law that says a pastor has to continue to pray for people who leave his church. Every pastor must follow the leading of the Lord in this matter. The pastor of the next church this person attends would be the most responsible to pray for them.

  4. David A. Rohne says:

    It has been 30 years since Connie and I were attending and members of BBC. Our hearts are still very much in Brentwood. We hear that the church is moving. It would be nice if a page of your website could be devoted to what is going on, how it came about, and if the name is going to change. Having come to Christ at the church in the very early 60’s, it is also the place that had a big influence on my life. Let us know what is happening so we can pray for future of the church.

    • kpkloppmann says:

      The name of Brentwood Bible Church has been changed to “New Beginnings Bible Church.” We are probably close to 50% completion. The facility will be a renovation of an existing property. Soon we will be posting pictures of the various phases of completion. A prayer request would be that the roofers would be able to put on the new roof asap. This is holding back much of the internal work. I apologize for such a late response to your inquiry. There was a mix up in receiving questions for “Ask Pastor Karl” a Bible question. I just now received yours and others. Keep watching the website. updates will be forthcoming.

  5. Concetta Altstein Altstein says:

    Hi there about skull ring n t shirt with picture of skull it my friend always wear everyday n ring
    What really mean it that is evil. Yes I m born again christian. I gave him gospel tracts of hell m other that he is not afraid so he like to be Kong there we have been long time. But I m not comfortable he wear skull with eyes stone red
    What really mean to me it that pos com inlet put evil spell on me. But he hate something. That he is motorcycle rider fr hobbies. But rite now I m comfort ful e itch because I m in love with him n I really want get close to God. I DON’T KNOWN HE LOVE ME BUY I DON’T BELIEVE EVERY TIME I M WITH HIM ALWAYSSSOMETHING HAPPEN TO ME. N HE ALW AS U.S. BUYSKULLS WITH ANYTHING. I DON’T K MMS OWN WHAT TO DO. I THINK HE IS TRY PUSH ME AWAY FROM I NEED YOUR HELP. I THINK HE WANT ME SPENT MORE TIME WITH HIM N PUSH god Away from me. Question how can I bring him yo the Lord for Salvation. Connie
    One more when he wear ring it pos ssh bible that he put when he wear ring of skull it put spell on me that sound like devil want push me away from a god. But I believe the guy tell me h love me but I feel use because use my friend destroy of having relationship with Jesus.

    • kpkloppmann says:

      Connie, I’m not up on all the ways skulls are used, but one thing for sure, they are not used in the worship of the true and living God. It sounds like your friend is dabbling in Satanic worship. Unless he clearly breaks with that Satanic connection, I would break your connection with him. Jesus taught His disciples to pray “Deliver us from evil.” We can with God’s help walk away from Satanic temptation and oppression. Follow Paul’s counsel: “Therefore come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you” (2 Cor 6:17). Sorry, this reply is long overdue, but I did not receive your inquiry until now (mixup).

  6. Jack Powers says:

    Hi Pastor Karl-I have a high school chum who is at most agnostic. I want him to be saved. He has been baptized many years ago and his Christian wife has told me more than once that she believes he is saved. He equates the Bible to fairy tales, believes Jesus was just a good man, that he is not God nor the Son of God.
    Somewhere in the bible, I believe in my Nelson New KJV, I know I have seen “Jesus is God”. I believe it is in the bible only in one place. I can’t find it. Can you help me? There are many verses that teach us that “Jesus is the Son of God” Which one or more do you consider to be the best to use with an unbeliever? Thank you so much for the great Christian teacher that you are and for your accessibility. Your congregant in Topeka, Jack Powers

  7. Dear Karl,

    You do not know me but in the early 1960’s, Brentwood Bible Church played the key role in infecting me with a godly understanding of the Great Commission. By the time I was in junior high school, I knew God wanted me to be a missionary. This August, I will celebrate 43 years with the Wycliffe Bible Translators.

    I just wanted to write to say that I thank God for the ministry of Brentwood Bible Church. God bless you all as you continue to be His light to the world.

    In Jesus’ love,

    Bill Leonhard

  8. Anonymous says:

    pastor your awesome

  9. Greg Gordon says:

    If some one said jesus was satan what kind of sin is that and can it be forgiven or no

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Pastor Karl for teaching me and leading me to the way to salvation

  11. LaVerne and Ron Raithel says:

    We use the commentary “The Bible Knowledge Commentary” by editors John F. Walvoord and Roy B. Zuck. The commentary of I John 3:5-10 (pages 894-895) seems to imply that believers do not have a sin nature. Believers experienced “a genuine struggle with the flesh”. We have also heard of a bible study entitled, I think, “Freedom in Christ” that teaches this also. What do you think?

  12. Anonymous says:

    We often use the commentary “The Bible Knowledge Commentary” by editors John F. Walvoord and Roy B. Zuck. The commentary on I John 3:5-10 (pages 894-895) seems to imply that believers do not have a sin nature but have a “genuine struggle with the flesh”. There is a bible study that we have heard of (I believe it is called “Freedom in Christ”) that teaches there is no sin nature in believers. What do you think?

  13. Allan Brown says:

    With modern mans scientific knowledge example, diving into genetic alterations, cloning and who knows what else, how far do you feel God’s tolerance will go or how far man will go half human half robot etc will there be a tolerance from God and an end of such wicked ways? If the second coming will put an end to this how far off are we and how will mans spiritual evolution will progress?

  14. anonymous says:

    I made a promise with god that I would stop doing something. If I did I would lose something very important to me. I broke my promise several times. God already knew I would fail to keep my promise, but will he still hold me to my deal? Can I take it back, or will I lose that thing important to me.

  15. anonymous says:

    I made a promise to God that I wouldn’t do something. If I did, then he could take away my biggest dream. I broke the promise several times. Will he hold me to my word, or can I take it back? I know he will forgive me, but will I lose that dream? He knew I would break that promise, and that I couldn’t be taken seriously, but does he take away my dream anyway? I am prepared to die if that dream isn’t realized. This is the only thing I have to live for.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have always thought that the verses Deut.1:29; Isa. 7:15,16; and II Sam.12:23 supported the idea that children had an age of accountability and if they were younger than this age, they would be in heaven. Others have said God looks at the heart and knows whether the young child would have trusted in His Son and that will determine their entrance into heaven. What do you think?

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